International Journal of ePortfolio

Call for Papers

The International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP) is now accepting manuscripts for consideration for publication. IJeP is typically published twice a year (April and October) and employs a rolling submission process. Those wishing to be considered for the next Fall issue should use June 1st as their submission deadline, and those targeting the next Spring issue should submit by December 1st. Authors of submitted manuscripts can expect the review process to take less than 90 days.

Submit a Manuscript

All submissions to IJeP must be made online through the Online Submission Form.

The mission of IJeP is to encourage the study of practices and pedagogies associated with ePortfolio in educational settings. The journal’s focus includes the explanation, interpretation, application, and dissemination of researchers’, practitioners’, and developers’ experiences relevant to ePortfolio. It also serves to provide a multi-faceted, single source of information for those engaging in projects and practices associated with ePortfolio. As a refereed (blind) peer-reviewed journal, IJeP embraces inquiry into ePortfolio in educational settings holistically; therefore, manuscripts considering the following areas of investigation are welcomed:

  • Instruction and principles of learning that utilize and inform practical, effective ePortfolio methodologies
  • Evaluation and assessment methodologies and practices supported by ePortfolio
  • Case studies and best practices regarding applications of ePortfolio for learning, assessment, and professional development supported by scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) practices and research methodologies
  • Theoretically rich accounts of the principles grounding ePortfolio work and its relationship to larger social and cultural phenomena
  • Innovative development and applications of technologies that enable new ePortfolio practices

Types of Manuscripts

Manuscripts addressing one or more of the following topic domains are being sought:

  • Description of Practice articles—those that focus on describing teaching and learning applications of ePortfolio—include 10-15-page manuscripts (approximately 2,500-4,000 words) that are descriptive and/or theoretical in nature and associated with applications of ePortfolio in course or curricular settings. Articles should be well grounded in the literature on teaching and learning and present knowledge, methods, and insights relevant to instructional applications, broadly defined, of ePortfolio in practice contexts.

  • Research and Assessment articles—those that focus on research studies and assessment of ePortfolios and ePortfolio programs/initiatives—include 15-25-page manuscripts (approximately 4,000-7,000 words) that are methodological and empirical in nature and/or reflective of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), as well as those manuscripts associated with applications of ePortfolio for programmatic assessment, course-based assessment, and assessment of professional development. Articles should be well grounded in the literature, employ accepted research practices, and present the relevant knowledge, methods, and insights applicable to the research at hand.

  • Technology, Policy, and Management articles are 10-25-page manuscripts (approximately 2,500-7,000 words). Manuscripts submitted in this category include a variety of topics associated with the technologies that enable and support the breadth of ePortfolio usage in educational settings. Narratives of technologies in development, innovative ePortfolio support practices, business models, management of ePortfolio initiatives, institutional policies, faculty development on ePortfolio technology, and more would be welcomed submissions.

  • IJeP also welcomes manuscripts relevant to ePortfolios in educational settings that do not fit conceptually into any of the other three categories. Manuscripts that truly have no relationship to instruction; research and assessment; or technology, policy, and management should be submitted using this manuscript type. Distinctive articles are 10-25 pages in length (approximately 2,500-7,000 words).

Those with questions regarding a manuscript’s suitability for IJeP should contact the Executive Editors at [email protected].

Submission Guidelines

See the Submission Guidelines page for specific information regarding submitting manuscripts to IJeP.

Submission Procedure

All submissions to IJeP must be made online through the Online Submission Form. Prior to submitting a manuscript, please read carefully the Submission Guidelines. Submissions via email or postal mail will not be accepted.

Review Process

Upon submission, all authors will receive an acknowledgment of receipt via email. If you do not receive confirmation, please check your email Spam folder and institutional Quarantine. Following a brief editorial review to determine the manuscript's appropriateness for IJeP, each manuscript will be blind-reviewed by two members of the Review Board. The review process will take approximately three months. At the end of the review process, authors will be notified as to the status of their manuscripts—accept with revision, reject but resubmission encouraged following significant revision, or reject. All manuscripts will receive substantive feedback from the editors and reviewers.

Copyright Permissions

Manuscript authors are responsible for obtaining copyright permissions for any copyrighted materials included within manuscripts. The authors must provide permission letters, when appropriate, to the IJeP Executive Editors.

Editorial Policy

All manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to copyediting by journal editors. Subsequent to copyediting, and prior to publication, authors will be provided galley proofs to correct errors and provide final approval of all changes.

Before publication, authors of accepted manuscripts must assign copyright of the manuscript to the International Journal of ePortfolio. Requests to republish articles should be made to IJeP, although advance permission to copy articles is made in accordance with "fair use" guidelines.


Please direct any question you may have about the call or our submission process to the executive editors via [email protected].