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Making Work Work Better

Awarding credit for work-based learning can be a powerful equity and retention-building strategy

By Rob Ducoffe
Two young women in a warehouse working on a laptop computer.
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Pieces of the Puzzle

The importance of shared governance

By Jolie A. Sheffer, Lisa K. Hanasono, Charles Kanwischer, W. John Koolage, Mary-Jon Ludy, Laura Landry-Meyer, Ekaterina I. Noyes, M. Elise Radina, and Jerry Schnepp
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It Takes a Higher Ed Network

We need a mosaic of efforts to support students around the world in areas of crisis

By Jonathan Becker
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A Window to the World

Virtual reality offers new possibilities for global learning

By B. Denise Hawkins
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Fierce Stewardship

A strategy for higher ed leaders to protect the well-being of individuals and focus on priorities

By Francine Crystal
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My Worst Nightmares

It’s a challenge being a college student when my home country is under siege

By Danylo Yakymov
Danylo Yakymov (center) with his family in Kyiv on his high school graduation day.
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ROI versus Flourishing

A broad state of well-being is essential for the next generation of college students

By Lynn Pasquerella and Richard K. Miller
A diverse group of college students standing in a circle talking.
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Whose Real World?

The big-picture viewpoint of a new book on higher ed misses the mark

By Kathryn A. E. Enke
An illustration of a hand taking out a piece of a pie chart.