2025 Forum on Transformational Leadership

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Centering equity and leading change in higher education

Registration will open later this year.

The Forum on Transformational Leadership is designed to prepare leaders in higher education with the knowledge, tools, and courage to meet complex challenges and create change at their institutions. Sessions are curated to draw from theory to reframe leadership as a set of skills that can be taught and applied to practice.

Transformational leaders do not always hold formal positions of power. There are many change agents who mobilize at the margins of colleges and universities, leading transformative projects, shepherding innovation at the departmental level, and working in grassroots spaces. Change agents at all levels have an interest in changing institutional culture, the power to make decisions, the skill to organize social movements, and the expertise that applies to leadership at multiple levels of colleges and universities. Therefore, this forum is for leaders with a variety of titles and roles in higher education.

What Can You Expect?

View the 2024 program to see the types of sessions, speakers, and related events you can expect from the Forum on Transformational Leadership.

Why Attend the Forum?

Higher education needs you! Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare intentionally for your next leadership role, alongside a network committed to changing higher education for the better.


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