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This free webinar from AAC&U and OneHE will explore scalable and sustainable faculty development that reaches all faculty on campus, not just a few. Learn how to leverage OneHE’s microlearning approach to improve faculty practice and support teaching excellence at your institution.
Conducted in collaboration with the Bipartisan Policy Center, this research brief finds that while nearly nine in ten employers believe a college degree is worth the personal investment, only a modest majority (60 percent) of Americans agree.
How can academic institutions place career goals at the center of their curricula? The new report, Outcomes and Metrics That Matter: Embedding Career Services at Higher Education’s Core, is published by Handshake and features a foreword by AAC&U President Lynn Pasquerella. It draws from insights of higher education leaders to incorporate career readiness into colleges’ objectives.
The Cross Awards recognize graduate students who show exemplary promise as future leaders of higher education and who are committed to academic innovation in the areas of equity, community engagement, and teaching and learning. Nominations for the 2022 awards are due by September 30, 2021.
Based on a national survey of higher education professionals, the new report examines the top challenges colleges and universities have faced as they persisted through the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the country’s racial unrest. The report also explores the strategic priorities identified by campus stakeholders, shedding new light on the path forward after more than a year of turmoil.