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Connect to a global community of educators committed to bringing the advantages of a liberal education to all students across all types of colleges and universities.

Supporting Your Mission

  • Institutional Transformation. AAC&U partners with member institutions to catalyze, build capacity for, and facilitate continuous change that supports the success of all students.
  • Professional Development. AAC&U members have access to conferences, workshops, webinars, and other opportunities to learn with and from peers and leading experts.
  • Resources and Research. AAC&U provides the data, research findings, publications, and other resources members need to inform institutional decision-making and improve teaching and learning.
  • Networking. AAC&U provides regular opportunities for members to connect and collaborate across professional roles and institutional types.
  • Leading Innovation. AAC&U members participate in grant-funded projects, ongoing initiatives, and special programming designed to develop and disseminate innovations that improve educational quality and equity.
  • Community Engagement. AAC&U supports member engagement with local communities and the broader society, promoting civic learning, social responsibility, and community partnerships as integral components of undergraduate education.
  • Advocacy. AAC&U demonstrates and champions the value of a liberal education and helps members make the case to their students and other stakeholders.
  • Recognition. AAC&U provides a platform for raising institutional visibility, and membership signals a commitment to excellence in undergraduate education and enhances an institution’s reputation.

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