Liberal Education

Liberal Education, Spring 2009
Spring 2009

Drawing from a recent initiative of the Teagle Foundation, this issue presents a series of reports on the relationship between the goals and objectives of liberal education and those of the undergraduate major in each of six disciplines: biochemistry and molecular biology, classics, economics, English and foreign languages, history, and religious studies.

Liberal Education and Effective Practice
Winter 2009

This issue examines how the vision for college learning outlined in the 2007 report from AAC&U’s Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) initiative is being enacted by particularly effective forms of educational practice and explores some of the ongoing challenges to implementation. Also included are articles on the "applied" humanities, elevating academic standards, and infusing liberal learning into business curricula.

Liberal Education, Fall 2008
Fall 2008

This issue explores the potential impact of the Bologna Process on higher education in the United States, the phenomenon of global branding, and the functions and motives of U.S. institutions of higher education that are establishing overseas operations in Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Liberal Education, Summer 2008
Summer 2008

This issue represents the theme of AAC&U’s 2008 annual meeting, “Intentional Learning, Unscripted Challenges: Knowledge and Imagination for an Interdependent World.”