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ISSUE: Fall 2022

Battle of the Bandwidth: How to help students recover lost brainpower

In this issue: Ways to help students preserve and restore depleted cognitive capacity so they have more mental bandwidth for learning. Plus: The transformative power of community colleges; radical hope and liberal education; why you should write about your teaching; and more.

Cover of issue with photo of earth as seen from Apollo 17 in 1972. Photo credit: NASA
ISSUE: Summer 2022

Our Pale Blue Dot: Colleges and universities have a large part to play in saving our planet

This special issue takes a look at the many ways institutions of higher education can help combat the effects of climate change and other threats to the environment. From producing cutting-edge research to educating students to understand environmental challenges, colleges and universities are at the forefront of efforts to preserve the earth for future generations.

Image of cover of Liberal Education Spring 2022 with bird grasping curly cue string in beak
ISSUE: Spring 2022

Flight to Freedom: The mission to aid endangered scholars around the globe

Today’s world is an increasingly unsafe place for many scholars. This issue’s cover story looks at how colleges and universities can be lifelines for them. Also inside: Competitive sport as a liberal arts major, community engagement lessons from George Floyd square, freedom of expression and inclusion, and more.

Photo on Liberal Education cover of film student at Georgia State University using a virtual reality headset.
ISSUE: Winter 2022

A Window to the World: Virtual reality and global learning

This issue delves into the opportunities virtual reality offers global learning, exploring the ways it can transport students to places around the world even when travel isn’t possible. Also inside: how to support neurodiverse students; why we need to bring public policy into science classes; and what true lifelong learning looks like.