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ISSUE: Spring 2024

How Do We Educate for Democracy?

The 2024 elections are looming. How can college and university educators address the crisis in US democracy? Also in this issue: the growing momentum of labor organizing on campus, a storytelling collaboration to connect to the community, why higher education should care about book bans, and more.

ISSUE: Winter 2024

The Rise of Antisemitism on Campus

As antisemitism and other forms of bigotry surge on campuses, colleges and universities search for a way forward. Also in this issue: the campus housing crisis; AI and academic integrity; why early ed needs higher ed; and more stories.

ISSUE: Fall 2023

The End of Race-Based Admissions

Despite the Supreme Court ruling on race-conscious admissions, colleges and universities must still pursue diversity and inclusion. Also in this issue: what higher ed is doing to save local news; when hip-hop meets chemistry; how architecture can foster a sense of belonging; why history is ground zero in today’s culture wars; and more.

ISSUE: Summer 2023

On Shaky Ground: Tenure is under threat. Educators voice their views.

How tenuous is tenure? Liberal Education asked faculty members and academic leaders from states across the country to share their personal perspectives and opinions about tenure and the political attacks on academic freedom. Also in the issue: Teaching college from prison; a Christian revival on campus; how education leads to galaxies far, far away; and more stories.

ISSUE: Spring 2023

Post-Roe Med School: As states ban abortion, future doctors can’t get the training they need

As states ban abortion, future doctors can’t get the training they need. Also in this issue: What college and universities can do about educational gag orders; how to better support students who are juggling both academic and caregiving loads; higher education as a solution to America’s overcrowded prisons; and a Q&A with Anna Deavere Smith, who is looking for people who would scream a story from a mountaintop.