Liberal Education

Liberal Education, Summer 2006
Summer 2006

This issue represents the theme of AAC&U's 2006 annual meeting, “Demanding Excellence: Liberal Education in an Era of Global Competition, Anti-Intellectualism, and Disinvestment.” Included are selected papers presented at the meeting. Additional articles explore collaborative scholarship and tenure, faculty engagement in the liberal arts, and the “success” of learning communities.

Liberal Education, Spring 2006
Spring 2006

Among the articles on the featured topic is an official statement from AAC&U's board of directors, as well as three responses to it. Also included is a discussion of the relationship between academic advising and liberal learning, a report from two engaged learning experiments, and a look at an institutional change initiative designed to foster "equity-mindedness."

Liberal Education, Winter 2006
Winter 2006

The theme of this issue of Liberal Education, "leadership in the new academy," explores issues related to educational leadership and shared governance and examines the role of both faculty and presidential leadership in guiding curricular change. Also included are a report on students' perceptions of the disciplines and a look at the role of spirituality in liberal learning.

Liberal Education, Summer/Fall 2005
Summer/Fall 2005

The theme of the summer/fall issue, "educating for personal and social responsibility," explores the contribution of undergraduate education to student's moral and ethical development. Also included are a report on student attitudes toward liberal education and articles on the "chilly climate" for women in the sciences and engineering and on the integration of interdisciplinary study and participation in research into the core mission of undergraduate education.