Institute on TRHT Campus Centers


The virtual institute is designed to support existing and potential TRHT Campus Center teams in developing and refining transformative action plans to advance the five components of the TRHT framework: narrative change, racial healing and relationship building, separation, law, and economy, and to provide the opportunity for robust visioning and evaluation plans essential to the transformative work of TRHT Campus Centers. The Institute provides practical guidance, mentoring, and resources for campus teams to:

  • Participate in and design Rx Racial Healing® Circles
  • Develop a comprehensive action plan to implement at their institution and within their community
  • Prepare to facilitate racial healing activities on their campus and in their communities
  • Examine current realities of race relations in their communities and the local history that has led to them
  • Identify evidence-based strategies that support their vision of what their communities will look, feel, and be like when the belief in the hierarchy of human value no longer exists
  • Learn to pinpoint critical levers for change and to engage key stakeholders
The TRHT Institute was a great incubator to bring stakeholders to the table and consider the work we have in progress and how to prioritize the work ahead.
/ 2022 TRHT Institute Participant