Institute on TRHT Campus Centers


The Institute curriculum will support existing and potential TRHT Campus Center teams in developing and refining transformative action plans to advance the five components of the TRHT framework: narrative change, racial healing and relationship building, separation, law, and economy. Together, these five areas encompass the individual, communal, and systemic structures that perpetuate arbitrary divisions based on race. This work will culminate in an opportunity for discussion and feedback from mentors, participants, evaluators, and the AAC&U TRHT team.

Institutions chosen to participate will:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive action plan to:
    • Create positive narrative change about race in the community
    • Promote racial healing activities on campus and in the community
    • Eradicate structural barriers to equal treatment and opportunity within the economic, legal, educational, and residential components of the community
  • Examine current realities of race relations in their communities and the local history that has led to these realities
  • Envision what their communities will look, feel, and be like when the belief in a racial hierarchy has been jettisoned
  • Learn to pinpoint critical levers for change and to engage key stakeholders

The Institute schedule features:

  • Team time to work on action plans
  • Individual team consultations with institute mentors, evaluation consultants, and AAC&U TRHT team leaders
  • Rx Racial Healing® Circles to engage participants in building trust and understanding among diverse groups
  • Plenary sessions, concurrent workshops, and interactions with other campus teams
I value the solidarity. Doing this work is challenging and cannot be done in isolation. Knowing that others are also working for these outcomes on their campuses and connecting with likeminded individuals really boosts morale and motivates me to keep going. The workshops were very helpful in learning new skills and exchanging ideas. The whole experience was wonderful!
/ 2022 TRHT Institute Participant