2024 PKAL STEM Leadership Institute


Completing your Application

Applications must contain the following materials, in the order indicated below:

  1. A Leadership Statement that addresses any of the following questions/topics about leading the reform of undergraduate STEM education. Do not exceed 1 page.
    • What do you see as the major challenges for academic leaders who are engaged in the reform of undergraduate STEM education? Provide a summary of the most vexing problem(s) standing in the way of undergraduate STEM reform.
    • In general, what leadership attributes (skills, competencies, experiences, etc.) do you think are necessary for addressing the challenges associated with undergraduate STEM reform? Be specific.
    • What is your most pressing leadership challenge? Describe an initiative, issue, or area of concern that you would like your leadership development to address. In other words, provide us with as much detail about what you hope to gain from your participation in the PKAL STEM Leadership Institute and why.
    • What are your core leadership values? Describe how your values make you uniquely positioned to participate in the PKAL STEM Leadership Institute and/or lead undergraduate STEM education reform efforts.
    • What do you want your legacy as an undergraduate STEM reform leader to be? Describe how you will use your Institute experience to advance a particular undergraduate STEM reform agenda that you are passionate about.
  2. Your most recent CV (no more than 4 pages).
  3. A Letter of Reference from a senior colleague or campus administrator that addresses your potential to benefit from the Institute and is in support of your continued growth and development as a leader of undergraduate STEM reform.


For submission, your application must be saved and uploaded as a single PDF document using the required filename format indicated below:

Applicant Last Name_Applicant First Name_PKALSLI2024

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact us at [email protected].