2024 PKAL STEM Leadership Institute: Apply

Application Review

All applications will be reviewed for overall completeness and quality. Incomplete or non-compliant applications will be returned to the applicant without review. Once submitted, changes may be made to applications until the posted application deadline.

Completed applications will be reviewed by an external panel of institute alumni and coaches as well as other STEM faculty and administrators with extensive leadership experience in reforming undergraduate STEM education.

All reviewers will use the following criteria to assess the merit of each application:

1. Potential for leadership development:

  • Does the applicant demonstrate an authentic interest in and commitment to the success of all students in STEM fields, particularly those from historically marginalized groups?
  • Has the applicant been involved in prior efforts to reform undergraduate STEM education?
  • Does the applicant have potential to make leadership contributions to undergraduate STEM reform that will result in systemic and sustainable change​?

2. Clarity of leadership statement:

  • Does the applicant have an understanding of and/or insights into the most pressing leadership challenges facing undergraduate STEM reform today?
  • Are the applicant’s values and noted areas for leadership development relevant to the Institute and its goal of empowering participants to lead with courage, embrace diversity, and communicate broad ideas with clarity?

3. ​Appropriate career stage:

  • Is the applicant at a career stage that is appropriate for the Institute (early to mid career, a principal investigator, key project personnel/staff, newly appointed administrator, etc.).

4. Evidence of institutional support:

  • Does the letter of reference demonstrate support for the applicant?
  • Is there evidence that the applicant’s leadership development can contribute to a broader campus/school/departmental goal or initiative?

Questions or Concerns?

Contact us at [email protected].