2023 Insitute on Digital Equity


Institute Goals

To advance the development and enactment of ambitious strategies in pursuit of digital equity within campus, community, region, and/or state contexts, teams will work towards the following goals:

  • Articulate a clear, compelling, and communicable purpose for the digital inclusion work or initiative under development or expansion. This may include determining key goals, student and/or community impacts, student success metrics, and intended benefits for audience and stakeholders.
  • Discern evidence-based theory-to-practice models and strategies that connect digital equity research and scholarship to effective, practical, and feasible strategies.
  • Identify collaborators and form key partnerships with those who can contribute to the effort and/or broaden the argument for resources, support, and adoption of digital inclusion approaches within the chosen context.
  • Discern and pursue funding opportunities that will support the digital inclusion work envisioned.
  • Utilize evidence-based innovation and leadership strategies to increase the probability of successfully scaling the digital equity initiative.
  • Create a comprehensive digital equity action plan for implementation with measurable benchmarks for charting success and an eye toward inclusion efforts for groups and communities disproportionally impacted by digital inequity (examples include low-income households, incarcerated individuals, persons with disabilities, racial and ethnic minorities, rural inhabitants, veterans, people with language barriers, and aging individuals).
  • Implement the new action plan with guidance, support, and mentorship from the institute.