2022 Institute on Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) Campus Centers

Institute Campus Mentors

  • Marsha Darling

    Adelphi University
    Areas of expertise: Strategies for engaging key stakeholders; engaging students, integrating TRHT into the curriculum
  • David Everett

    David Everett

    Hamline University
    Areas of expertise: Developing community engagements/partnerships; Connecting TRHT to broader DEI goals; Engaging students
  • Eric Ford

    University of Maryland Baltimore County
    Areas of expertise: Service learning with a race equity lens; Authentic community engagement; Student leadership; Collaborative systems change; Narrative change for system involved youth
  • Connie Frey-Spurlock

    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
    Areas of expertise: Narrative change; community partnerships; digital storytelling
  • Jayne Ifekwunigwe

    Duke University
    Areas of expertise: Introducing the TRHT Framework as a holistic approach to racial justice; Mobilizing the arts and creativity; Engaging students and community youth; Transforming teachers
  • Kaiwipuni Lipe

    Kaiwipuni Lipe

    University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
    Areas of expertise: Indigenous knowledge and community engagement; Integrating TRHT into the strategic plan; Building a community of RHC co-facilitators
  • Yerodin Lucas

    Marywood University
    Areas of expertise: Integrating TRHT into the curriculum; community engagement; engaging students
  • Creston Lynch

    George Mason University
    Areas of expertise: Engaging students; developing community partnerships; strategies for engaging key stakeholders; weaving the TRHT Campus Center into current organizational structure
  • Michael Nixon

    Andrews University
    Areas of expertise: Documenting the narrative on race of an institution; developing community partnerships; engaging student; facilitating Rx Racial Healing Circles; integrating TRHT into the curriculum
  • Teresa Neighbors

    University of California Irvine
    Areas of expertise: Integrating TRHT into the curriculum; developing community partnerships; engaging students
  • Jermaine Pearson

    Jermaine Pearson

    Areas of expertise: Student engagement; Integrating TRHT into programs and curricula; Establishing partnerships with internal stakeholders
  • Yves-Rose Porcena

    Agnes Scott College
    Areas of expertise: Community partnership; integrating TRHT into the curriculum; courageous conversations and community building
  • Wendy Sherman Heckler

    Otterbein University
    Areas of expertise: Strategies for engaging administration; developing community partnerships; integrating TRHT into the curriculum
  • J. Goosby Smith

    J. Goosby Smith

    Pepperdine University
    Areas of expertise: Facilitating interfaith healing circles; gaining local attention for the work; supporting a community agency to do this work; working across campus siloes to engage in powerful research and institutional change
  • Cynthia Neal Spence

    Spelman College
    Areas of expertise: Anti-racist pedagogy; critical race theory; sociology of racial socialization; cross-racial dialogue
  • Sharon Stroye

    Sharon Stroye

    Rutgers University - Newark
    Areas of expertise: Developing community partnerships; Integrating TRHT Framework into organizational culture/environment; Establishing cost-free structure; Expanding the number of new racial healing circle facilitators
  • Tina Terry

    Big Sandy Community & Technical College
    Areas of expertise: Integrating TRHT into the curriculum; developing community partnerships; implementing student activities and student engagement
  • Tessa Updike

    The Citadel
    Areas of expertise: Researching and documenting the history of race of an institution; Strategies for engaging key stakeholders, including senior administration, faculty, staff, students, and the greater community; Outreach strategies, including presentations events, receptions, and social media; Training and coaching facilitators for racial healing circles
  • Khayree Williams

    Austin Community College
    Areas of expertise: Diversity, equity, inclusion work; advocacy for historically marginalized students; prioritizing diversity and inclusion in staff, faculty, and leaders; student development and programming
  • Susan Womack

    Millsaps College
    Areas of expertise: Developing community partnerships; fundraising; strategies for engaging key stakeholders

Institute Speakers and Co-Facilitators

  • Gail Christopher

    Gail C. Christopher

    National Collaborative for Health Equity
    Executive Director
  • Michele Guzmán

    TriWest Group
  • Taylor Jackson

    Tri West Group
  • Spencer Kuchle

    Spencer Kuchle

    Old Stone House Museum & Historic Village
    Associate Director of Collections and Interpretation
  • Tia Brown McNair

    Tia Brown McNair

    Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Student Success and Executive Director for the TRHT Campus Centers
  • Mee Moua

  • Lynn Pasquerella

    Lynn Pasquerella

  • Gwenn Weaver

    Independent Consultant

Participants will work with assigned Institute mentors from existing TRHT Campus Centers who are currently planning and implementing transformative programming to advance racial healing in collaboration with community partners. In addition to the planned mentoring opportunities, teams will be able to schedule consulting appointments with other mentors, AAC&U TRHT team leaders, the national evaluators for TRHT Campus Centers, and experienced Racial Healing Circle facilitators.