VALUE Academy of Professional Development

From webinars and workshops to courses in OneHE and online VALUE rubric scorer calibration training, the VALUE Academy of Professional Development provides an array of faculty and professional development on teaching, learning, and assessment.

The VALUE approach to assessment is philosophically, methodologically, and pedagogically complex. The VALUE Academy for Professional Development provides faculty and other higher education professionals with the training and tools they need to implement VALUE effectively within the culture and context of their programs and institutions.

VALUE Rubric Calibration Training is the signature offering of the VALUE Academy of Professional Development. However, beyond calibration training, the VALUE Academy of Professional Development offers an array of affordable professional development opportunities to the higher education community throughout the year, both virtually and in person. Read more about some of our offerings below, and contact us at [email protected] to discuss arranging for workshops or other trainings customized to meet your unique needs.

VALUE Calibration Training

VALUE Rubric Calibration Training is the signature offering of the VALUE Academy of Professional Development. This self-paced, virtual course delivered through VALUE’s learning management platform takes most participants 4-6 hours to complete. Trainees learn about the VALUE methodology before taking a deep dive into the specifics of their selected VALUE rubric, with ample practice scoring actual samples of student work. For those electing to become "certified" VALUE scorers, successful completion of the course--and additional calibration scoring tasks--results in scorer certification on the chosen VALUE rubric and the opportunity to score for compensation within the VALUE Scoring Collaborative.

If you are interested in participating in calibration training, read more here.We are always busy enhancing our professional development offerings, and calibration training is no exception. With that in mind, we will pause calibration training on October 1, 2023, to focus on rolling out exciting changes.

AAC&U & OneHE Collaborate to Bring You an Introduction to VALUE

Through AAC&U's partnership with OneHE, we created the "Introduction to the VALUE Rubrics: An Authentic Approach to Assessment," a freely accessible course via OneHE's platform. The course includes a combination of short videos, activities, and discussion prompts formatted to align with OneHE's unique structure. After completion, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what VALUE rubrics are and why they are important to the sector, institutions, and individual educators.
  • Describe the way a rubric has been constructed to engage in discussion and debate with faculty and students.
  • Apply VALUE rubrics to your context, using good practice principles derived from research, assessment data, and pedagogical innovation.

COMING SOON: VALUE Assessment Accelerator

VALUE Assessment Accelerator will be a day-long, virtual, synchronous course on how to get started on authentic assessment with VALUE. It will be designed for those who are new to using VALUE rubrics. In this workshop, participants will:

  • learn about the development of VALUE rubrics and the benefits to authentic assessment,
  • participate in a hands-on walk-through of how to use VALUE rubrics on their campus,
  • be provided with examples of how VALUE results have been used on campuses, and
  • learn the ins and outs of participating in the VALUE Scoring Collaborative.

Additionally, in an asynchronous component, participants will practice scoring using their VALUE rubric of choice.

This course is currently under development. Stay turned for updates!

Reach Out About VALUE Training Opportunities

Do you have questions about existing professional development opportunities? Or, are you hoping to arrange for a customized workshop to meet your institution's needs? Get in touch with the VALUE team today.