VALUE Rubrics

VALUE rubrics are open educational resources (OER) that enable educators to assess students’ original work. AAC&U offers a proven methodology for applying the VALUE rubrics to evaluate student performance reliably and verifiably across 16 broad, cross-cutting learning outcomes.

VALUE Rubric Download Statistics as of May 2024

  • 793,919

    Individual VALUE rubric downloads

  • 2,945

    Colleges and universities represented in downloads

  • 157

    Countries represented in downloads

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How to Cite VALUE Rubrics and Resources

AAC&U provides comprehensive guidance on how to refer to, cite, and reproduce the VALUE rubrics and other resources.

Japanese Translations of AAC&U VALUE Rubrics

We are delighted to share the Japanese translation of AAC&U’s 16 VALUE rubrics as an example of the usefulness of the rubrics for assessing student learning outcomes around the world.