2023 Institute on ePortfolios


To advance the adoption and implementation of ePortfolios beyond a single course or major, teams will work to

  • articulate a clear, compelling, and communicable purpose for the ePortfolio initiative under development and/or expansion, including but not limited to key goals, student learning outcomes, student success metrics, and/or intended benefits for faculty, students, and the institution;
  • discern evidence-based theory-to-practice models that connect research and scholarship with effective approaches to developing and utilizing ePortfolios for high-impact learning, programmatic assessment, and/or professional development;
  • identify collaborators and form key partnerships with those who can broaden the argument for resources, support, and adoption of ePortfolios within your context;
  • utilize evidence-based diffusion of innovation and leadership strategies to increase the probability of successful scaling of your ePortfolio initiative; and
  • create an ePortfolio action plan for team members and campuses to implement with measurable benchmarks for charting success.