2022 North Carolina PKAL Meeting: Keynote Speakers

Dr M Gail Jones

DR. M. GAIL JONES is Alumni Distinguished Professor of Science Education at NC State University and a Senior Fellow at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Dr. Jones currently teaches preservice and inservice teachers and conducts research on issues of diversity, technology, and science education. Dr. Jones’ research has been recognized for excellence by the National Association for Science Teacher Education, The NC Association of Research in Education, and the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. Dr. Jones has been recognized for her excellence in mentoring with the NCSU Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award. Dr. Jones has made seminal contributions to the study of nanoscale science and nanotechnology. She currently serves as Co-Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Science Education. Dr. Jones' research group is currently researching new strategies to enhance science capital and family habitus for science. This work has been recently recognized with the Educational Innovation for NC Science Mathematics and Technology Education Center Partnership Award for excellence.

Dr Michelle White

DR. ANGELA MICHELLE WHITE has an extreme passion for teaching and learning science. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a Master of Science in Biology from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Educational Psychology from North Carolina State University. Dr. White has served as an educator for 17 years at various levels and currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Student Success for the College of Science and Technology at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. In this role she strategically develops and implements initiatives that promote the participation, academic achievement, and success of students within the College. Her current research interests, publications, and presentations give attention to racial identity, science identity, science self-efficacy, metacognition, and STEM achievement of African American students. As a strong advocate for the participation of African American females in STEM, Dr. White continuously engages in discourse and research that will promote greater access to STEM-related opportunities and recognition of African American females. Dr. White is also the co-founder of NoireSTEM, an educational consulting firm that seeks to increase access and achievement of African Americans in STEM degree programs and careers.