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Comments on Peggy Neal’s Contribution to AAC&U

Monday, April 13, 2015

By: Paula Brownlee, president, AAC&U, 1990-1998

Peggy Neal was a treasured colleague at AAC&U for seven years of my time there.  She worked in a close and productive partnership with me until, with considerable personal sadness, I knew she would be even more valuable to the work of the Association if she was promoted away from my office into the Director of Membership position.

Peggy was a remarkable and imaginative director of that important function at AAC&U.  Not only did her work greatly expand our membership, but she also made all those with whom she interacted feel close to AAC&U and our staff.  She was a tremendous community builder—within 1818 R Street as well as with our far-flung members in every part of the country. 

Peggy loved every aspect of the 1990’s developing personal technology, and soon became one of the foremost proponents of AAC&U’s embracing of every tool we could.  By the time she retired, she was admired for her work in every aspect of the use of technology in our association work, as well as her willingness to generously share her knowledge.

After both our retirements, we stayed in close touch and became fast friends.  My husband Tom and I were always delighted when she and her husband Donn would come to stay with us on their annual visits back to the Shenandoah Valley. It has been such a privilege to have her friendship and I miss her so much.