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AAC&U Remembers Margaret L. “Peggy” Neal

Monday, April 13, 2015

AAC&U expresses sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Margaret L. “Peggy” Neal, who passed away on March 8, 2015 after a long struggle with a serious illness.  A librarian by training, Neal worked at AAC&U from 1991 to 1998 serving as both Assistant to the President and Director of Membership and External Affairs.  During the presidency of Paula Brownlee, Peggy helped to strengthen AAC&U’s outreach to member institutions and was instrumental in setting up AAC&U’s first member database and in developing AAC&U’s early efforts to provide educational change resources to guide member reforms on the World Wide Web.

Brownlee noted that she had a close and very productive partnership with Neal during her time at AAC&U.  “Peggy was a remarkable and imaginative director of membership at AAC&U.  Not only did her work greatly expand our membership, but she also made all those with whom she interacted feel close to AAC&U and our staff.  She was a tremendous community builder—within 1818 R Street as well as with our far-flung members in every part of the country.”  AAC&U President Carol Geary Schneider affirmed Brownlee’s comments and noted that further that, “Peggy was devoted to AAC&U's mission and work, and helped advance it immeasurably.  I was very grateful for her generous help when I became AAC&U's president, and I extend my deepest sympathy to her family and friends.”

See Paula Brownlee’s full comments on Peggy Neal’s passing.