AAC&U Sponsorships

AAC&U's sponsorship program provides organizations, nonprofits, companies, publishers, and others the opportunity to showcase their products and services while exchanging information with members of a higher education audience.

AAC&U provides exhibit and display areas at its Annual Meetings and Network Conferences. Instead of a separate exhibit hall, all exhibits are centrally located in high-traffic areas that serve as a "conference commons." These areas attract conference attendees between sessions and during coffee breaks. As a part of this environment, sponsors are encouraged to welcome attendees to their exhibit areas for discussions about their products and services.

AAC&U's conference websites also feature sponsor descriptions and clickable logos.

AAC&U's Annual Meeting has drawn an audience of approximately 2,000 participants in recent years. Approximately 75%-80% are academic administrators (deans, chief academic officers, department chairs, presidents, and others); and 20-25% are faculty members and higher education professionals.

The Network for Academic Renewal—which offers four conferences per year, two in the autumn and two in the winter/spring—draws approximately 400-1,000 individuals per conference. The General Education and Assessment conference is the largest, exceeding 1,000 participants in recent years. The typical Network conference audience includes approximately 40% academic administrators and 45% faculty members, many of whom are influential at the national level.

Our sponsorship opportunities differ slightly between the Annual Meeting and the Network for Academic Renewal conferences. There are a variety of sponsorships at several price points. Please see the links below for detailed descriptions of our sponsorship opportunities.

Annual Meeting sponsorship opportunities are available here.

Network for Academic Renewal sponsorships are available here.

Network for Academic Renewal Working Conference
AAC&U offers discounts to multi-conference sponsors (organizations that sponsor more than one conference in the same academic year).

For more information about AAC&U's sponsorship program please contact the Office of Outreach and Member Engagement, AAC&U, 1818 R Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20009-1604, or email us at sponsorships@aacu.org


Please note that the AAC&U name and/or logo may not be used by any sponsor for any purpose unless written permission is given in advance by AAC&U. Likewise, online conference registration rosters (which are provided for the convenience of AAC&U members) may not be used for commercial or solicitation purposes. The use of registration rosters to facilitate mail, telephone or electronic contact for the purpose of announcing the sponsor's conference participation or for general marketing purposes is prohibited. If a sponsor is specifically interested in e-mailing conference registrants before the Annual Meeting, please consider participating in the Contributing sponsorship opportunity, Option B (see above).