2024 Conference on Global Learning

Westin Washington, DC Downtown
Washington, DC

Speaking with one voice about the power and promise of global learning for all students.

Global learning is essential to prepare today’s students for work, life, and citizenship. To advocate effectively for the institutional support and resources needed to bring global learning experiences to scale for all students, it’s vital that we speak with one voice when using the term. We must, therefore, reimagine global learning for today by, first, returning to its origins and connecting past knowledge with the present context. We must, in the spirit of Sankofa, “go back and get it.”

Speaking with a unified voice about a future-oriented global learning that has reciprocity, inclusion, multiple perspectives, collective well-being, and local and global connections at its heart positions us to create programs and experiences that span traditional disciplinary and institutional boundaries, that are deeply connected to global challenges, that draw on innovation and research from both inside and outside of higher education, and that make the value of global learning clear to the higher education community, employers, and the broader society.

The 2024 Conference on Global Learning will showcase the full range of global learning activities, programs, strategies, and approaches used by educators worldwide to prepare students for work, life, and citizenship in our interconnected world. Conference sessions will focus on

  • including all students in global learning;
  • making the case for global learning at all levels: disciplinary, program, and institutional;
  • advancing collaborative research to address global challenges through student learning;
  • defining and framing global learning to meet local and global realities;
  • integrating institutional inclusion efforts with global learning;
  • exploring global learning in diverse international contexts;
  • embedding and integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals;
  • engaging and exploring belonging for international students with recognition of their individuality and intersectionality;
  • exploring ways of integrating technology in global learning to improve the quality of learning and global engagement for students;
  • connecting intercultural skills and cultural humility to student learning in academic and applied learning opportunities.

AAC&U invites students, educators, administrators, and policymakers to join us for these action-oriented, forward-thinking conversations about reimagining global learning.

Dates to Remember

  • Notification of Proposal Decisions Sent by Email

  • First Day of Conference

  • Last Day of Conference

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For questions or additional information about the Conference on Global Learning, please email [email protected].

Program Office

Office of Global Citizenship for Campus, Community and Careers

Through its Office of Global Citizenship for Campus, Community, and Careers (GC4), AAC&U promotes integrative global & civic learning through initiatives and practices that empower students to engage meaningfully and ethically with global challenges.