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AAC&U's publications cover a range of topics and provide the latest research, analysis, and valuable starting points for campus practitioner and policy leader dialogues. AAC&U monographs, reports, and guides focus on teaching, learning, curriculum, and academic leadership, and shine a spotlight on promising practices at every kind of college and university. See below for all AAC&U publications. Click on titles to purchase or download copies.

AAC&U also publishes three periodicals, Liberal Education, Peer Review, and Diversity & Democracy, and a monthly online newsletter, AAC&U News, to advance the national dialogue about the quality of undergraduate education in the United States.

Integrative and Applied Learning VALUE Rubric (pdf)

Integrative and Applied Learning VALUE Rubric Description
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General Education Reform Package

This series, designed for anyone undertaking general education reform, provides historical perspective, an overview of trends in general education, and direction for changing or sustaining general education programs.

Civic Responsibility: What Is the Campus Climate for Learning?

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How well is the academy meeting its civic purpose today? Our nation's shared future depends on an educated and engaged citizenry, and civic engagement should be a learning goal for all college students. Civic Responsibility: What Is the Campus Climate for Learning?, the first of three reports from AAC&U's Core Commitments initiative, provides insights about the civic commitments and practices of today's colleges and universities. It presents findings from a unique campus climate assessment tool—administered in 2007 to 24,000 students and 9,000 academic administrators, faculty, and student affairs professionals at twenty-three colleges and universities—and assesses the perceptions of these four constituent groups regarding campus opportunities for contributing to a larger community. The survey includes questions about the importance...

The Handbook of Practice and Research in Study Abroad: Higher Education and the Quest for Global Citizenship

Co-published by AAC&U and Routledge, this book is a comprehensive survey of the study abroad and global learning fields. Each chapter conveys an enthusiasm for study abroad alongside a critical assessment of the most up-to-date research, theory and practice. The volume brings together the insights of expert academics, senior administrators, practitioners of study abroad, and policy makers from across the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. Among its many chapters, the book includes a chapter on globalizing the curriculum co-authored by Kevin Hovland and Caryn McTighe Musil of AAC&U, along with Ellen Skilton-Sylvester, Associate Professor, Arcadia University, and Amy Jamison, Michigan State University doctoral candidate. This book is an indispensable reference volume for scholars, higher education faculty, study abroad professionals, policy makers, and the academic libraries that serve these audiences.

Trends and Emerging Practices in General Education

This report is the second of two reports summarizing findings from a survey conducted in late 2008 and early 2009 of chief academic officers at AAC&U member institutions. Institutions that are placing a higher priority on general education today compared with five years ago are placing more emphasis on many engaged learning practices than are those whose focus on general education has not increased.

The Future of the Professoriate: Academic Freedom, Peer Review, and Shared Governance

The first in a new series of occasional papers from AAC&U, The Future of the Professoriate explores the concepts of academic freedom, peer review, and shared governance in light of ongoing changes in the academy that threaten to undermine them. The authors frame a series of especially urgent and timely questions about the future of the academic profession as well as propose specific directions for reform and strategies for revitalizing the profession's social contract.

Learning and Assessment: Trends in Undergraduate Education

This report is the first of two reports summarizing findings from a survey conducted in late 2008 and early 2009 of chief academic officers at AAC&U member institutions. From November 19, 2008, to February 16, 2009, Hart Research conducted an online survey among 433 Chief Academic Officers or designated representatives at AAC&U member institutions to measure the prevalence of specified learning outcomes in higher education institutions today and to document recent trends in curricular change, specifically in the areas of general education and assessment. A large majority of AAC&U member institutions (78%) say they have a common set of intended learning outcomes for all their undergraduate students, and these outcomes address a wide variety of skills and knowledge areas. The skills most widely addressed are writing, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and oral communication skills, and the knowledge areas most often incorporated are humanities, sciences, social...

Revising General Education--And Avoiding the Potholes: A Guide for Curricular Change

Strategies for curricular change in the reform of general education are as important as the substance of the change. Fifty pitfalls and common errors in the process of reform are enumerated in this practical guide essential for general education committees. Revising General Education provides practical advice for how to advance a successful general education reform process—including tips in the areas of task force objectives and procedures, concepts of general education, program planning, proposal approval, and program implementation. Ideal for general education reform committees and faculty senate curriculum committees.

Our Students' Best Work: A Framework for Accountability Worthy of Our Mission

This statement, framed and approved by the AAC&U Board of Directors, updates an earlier 2004 statement and is designed to help campuses respond to calls for greater accountability in ways that strengthen as well as document the quality of student learning in college. The statement calls for a focus on a broad set of learning outcomes essential for global citizenship and success in today’s volatile and competitive workplace. It makes ten recommendations to guide new accountability frameworks and presents data about what employers say about assessment and accountability.

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 A Measure of Equity: Women's Progress in Higher Education

By: Judy Touchton, with Caryn McTighe Musil and Kathryn Peltier Campbell

A Measure of Equity: Women’s Progress in Higher Education presents the only current comprehensive overview of data on women’s status in higher education. It documents areas of progress and identifies needed action to move even further down the path towards equity for women in higher education. This publication details specific areas of concern and actions that would advance gender equity in colleges and universities. The research examines women’s access to college, areas of study in undergraduate and post-graduate work, and women’s status as faculty, administrators, and college presidents.