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Collaborative design of Open Educational Practices: An Assets based approach


Miller, K. H., McIntyre, R., & McKenna, G. (2018). Collaborative design of Open Educational Practices: An Assets based approach. Open Praxis, 10(2), 191–199. https://doi.org/10.5944/openpraxis.10.2.833


This paper outlines a collaborative approach to the design of open educational resources (OER) with community stakeholders so they can be shared with other community practitioners openly, online and repurposed for other contexts. We view curriculum not as something that educationalists provide but rather something that emerges as learners engage with an educational context. We draw on a Project consisting of a partnership between five European Institutions of Higher Education and a range of community stakeholder groups. The partnership will develop a suite of OER for community workers who are implementing assets based approaches in different contexts. We argue that these approaches are negotiated in that one cannot decide how they might operate in a given context without engaging in deliberative discussion. The challenge for us as open education practitioners is how to turn those deliberations into OER and to highlight the important pedagogical aspect of the design process.

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