2023 VE/COIL Institute


Multilingual and multicultural VE/COIL experts from AAC&U and the Institute for Innovative Global Education at Kansai University (Japan) will co-facilitate the online professional development courses and provide mentoring support for participating higher education institutions of the Norwegian Panorama Virtual Exchange/COIL Partnerships Initiative.

Lead Faculty

  • Veronica Onorevole

    Veronica Onorevole

    Director of Innovative Global Education Initiatives, AAC&U
  • John E. Fowler

    John E. Fowler

    Assistant Director of VE/COIL Initiatives, AAC&U
  • Keiko Ikeda

    Keiko Ikeda

    Vice-Director/Principal Project Manager, Institute for Innovative Global Education, Kansai University (Japan)
  • Don Bysouth

    Don Bysouth

    Specially Appointed Associate Professor for COIL Initiative, Kansai University (Japan)

Contributing Faculty

  • Dawn Michele Whitehead

    Vice President, Office of Global Citizenship for Campus, Community, and Careers, AAC&U
  • Hiroshi Ota

    Hiroshi Ota

    Director, Global Education Program, and Professor, Center for General Education, Hitotsubashi University (Japan)
  • Hajime Nishitani

    Hajime Nishitani

    Director of Japanese Operations, International Beliefs and Values Institute (IBAVI)
  • Craig Shealy

    Craig Shealy

    Executive Director, International Beliefs and Values Institute (IBAVI)
  • Daniel Stanford

    Daniel Stanford

    Lecturer, DePaul University Jarvis College of Computing and Digital MediaFaculty Development and Instructional Technology Consultant