PKAL Upstate New York Regional Network

PKAL Regional Network: Upstate New York

Mission Statement

The UNY Regional PKAL Network is a collection of faculty and administrators from institutions of higher education who seek to improve STEM undergraduate education for all learners.


The UNY Regional PKAL Network will be a community of educators and administrators who practice, share and support learning-centered teaching in environments that foster collaboration and engaged learners.

Core Values

  • Reform is based on evidence based teaching practices
  • Assessment is vital in planning for change
  • Students learn best in active collaborative learning environments
  • Change requires planning and collaboration
  • Change does not have to be big
  • Change is enabled from guidance and support


Biannual workshops to

  • provide professional development on best practices
  • that allow a forum for exchange of ideas
  • explore ways to become “change agents”
  • engage members in leadership building exercises
  • provide a platform for institutional teams to develop action plans
  • provide an environment for interdisciplinary and/or disciplinary and/or cross institutional intellectual collisions that could result in new collaborations in STEM education