PKAL Regional Network

2024 Massachusetts PKAL Summer Meeting

Back to the Future: How Lessons from the Past Can Inform New Directions

June 12, 2024

Fitchburg State University
Fitchburg, Massachusetts


Project Kaleidoscope is AAC&U's STEM Center of Higher Education reform initiatives dedicated to empowering all STEM faculty and administrators to graduate more students who are competitively trained in STEM disciplines and liberally educated for an increasingly technologically-based world. The PKAL Regional Networks provide low-cost, effective professional development opportunities for STEM faculty and administrators to foster a caring community, explore and advance modern undergraduate STEM pedagogies, disseminate findings from undergraduate STEM research and practice, and promote STEM faculty career advancement.

This year’s Massachusetts PKAL Regional Network Summer Meeting will revisit themes from past meetings and provide an opportunity for STEM faculty to share updates, celebrate successes, and describe new directions in pedagogical reform. STEM faculty members from public and private 2- and 4- year higher education institutions are invited to submit a presentation proposal (15 minute oral presentation or 50 minute workshop/hands-on session).

Meeting themes may address (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Undergraduate STEM teaching that supports foundational skills (e.g., reading, writing, quantitative reasoning, information literacy)
  • STEM skill transfer across disciplines and from the classroom to the workplace
  • Integrating research and other high impact practices into the STEM classroom and curriculum
  • Supporting diverse students through pedagogical practices, faculty development, and/or academic structures
  • Community-based research in STEM programs

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Kristin Wobbe

Kristin Wobbe, Ph.D.

Director for the Center of Project-Based Learning
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

On the Journey Together

We’re never really done perfecting our teaching, but in this session, we’ll celebrate the things, big or small, that we’ve done recently to improve our students’ learning experiences. We’ll consider the common themes and review the research to determine the elements that best support student learning. I’ll share some recent findings about the long-term impacts of high-quality projects on our students. And before we go, we’ll spend some time identifying current challenges and crowd-sourcing solutions. The goal is for everyone to leave with a new idea, feeling like this was time well spent.

Registration Now Open


The event registration fee is $55 per person for full time faculty and administrators. Registration is FREE for community college faculty, contingent / part time faculty, graduate students and post-docs; registration is still required. Click HERE to register.


The event registration fee for virtual streaming of the plenary session is $20.

The registration deadline is May 30, 2024.

Massachusetts PKAL Regional Meeting Host

Your host for this meeting is Dr. Elizabeth Gordon, Professor of Earth Science at Fitchburg State University. For more information about the meeting, please contact Dr. Gordon directly.

Liz Gordon, Fitchburg State University