Ohio PKAL STEM Teaching Partnership/Collaboration Grant

Ohio PKAL STEM Teaching Partnership/Collaboration Grant - 2023/24

PROGRAM SUMMARY: The OH-PKAL STEM Teaching Partnership/ Collaboration grant provides up to $1,000 for:

A multi-institutional team to visit each other’s institutions to observe class and/or laboratory sessions and share effective pedagogical techniques during the 2022/23 academic year.


A team to implement a teaching technique in classes and evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching technique during the 2023/24 academic year.

ELIGIBILITY: At least one of the co-submitters must be a fulltime STEM or STEM-education faculty member at an Ohio college or university. Partnerships that incorporate STEM graduate students who plan to pursue a teaching career and partnerships among junior faculty are strongly encouraged.


  • Names and institutional addresses of all team members.
  • A narrative (1000 word maximum) describing:
    • What the team members expect to gain from the partnership
    • What class or laboratory session the team members plan to observe (must include at least one visit to each institution represented by the team members) OR how the technique will be implemented, including the courses and/or co-curricular activity/organization and an estimate of the number of students to be affected.
    • How team members expect to incorporate the experience into their own teaching OR how student learning will be evaluated.
    • Acknowledgement that the team will present a poster of their experience at the 2024 OH-PKAL conference; the poster must identify that the project was funded, in part, by an OH-PKAL STEM Teaching grant.
      • Meeting registration will be waived for up to two awardees named on the grant who will present.
      • Please note: Awardees will be recognized at the annual conference.
  • A brief timeline.
  • A proposed budget; allowable items include:
    • Cost of round-trip travel between institutions, reimbursed at the Internal Revenue Service 2023 standard mileage rate.
    • Overnight lodging accommodations.
    • Meals for team members.
    • Teaching or assessment materials.
  • A short CV (2 pages, maximum) for all team members, highlighting their background relevant to the proposed work.
  • Submit all application materials as one document in pdf format to Dr. Stephanie Strand, [email protected] with the subject line “2023 PKAL Teaching Grant”
  • Due Date: Friday December 1st, 2023

Upon receipt, all applications become the property of Ohio PKAL. Application materials will not be returned. Late, incomplete, or faxed applications will not be accepted. Complete applications must be received by Friday December 1st, 2023. Applicants will be notified by mid-December, 2023.

Questions: Send email to Dr. Stephanie Strand, [email protected]