2024 Capital PKAL Regional Network Conference: Keynote Speakers

Kelsey Behringer has trained over 10,000 educators around the intersection of A.I. and pedagogy, helping educators implement best practices that advance student voice, agency, and purpose. She is the CEO of the education technology organization Packback, which is an “AI writing tutor for every student and an AI grading assistant for every teacher”.

Packback's mission is to harness the power of AI to help educators implement high-quality pedagogy at scale. Packback's AI-enabled platform helps students build and master foundational skills such as critical thinking, writing, and research.

She has held numerous roles at the organization from being an educator trainer, manager, director, VP, and COO before starting as CEO.
Packback’s A.I. has been used by over 1,500,000 students and 600 colleges and districts to help every student develop their own unique voice through receiving live, instant, real-time feedback as they write.

Kelsey approaches her work through the lens of her experiences as a former STEM teacher in Chicago and Indianapolis. She is a Fast Company Executive Board contributor, and also hosts monthly webinars for teachers and professors where she gives recommendations about A.I. in the classroom.