Institute on Democracy & Higher Education

Elections as Teachable Moments

How can campuses shift from viewing elections as “events” to viewing them as opportunities for sustainable change?

Elections are unique opportunities to improve campus conditions for student political learning, discourse, inclusion, and participation across departments and activities. They’re also a time to double down on truth; advance student well-being and shared responsibility; nurture diversity in perspective; improve modes of inquiry and discussion; cultivate student activism, leadership, and organizing skills; take a stand for free and fair elections; close equity gaps in voting; exercise academic freedom; and tackle disillusionment and disengagement.

2024 will offer a “teachable moment.” Don’t wait for election season; start now by building diverse coalitions across campus, designing courses and activities, and studying the local and regional environment to identify necessary interventions.

Bring IDHE to Your Campus

Whether virtually or in person, IDHE can visit your campus to lead a workshop on facilitating politically charged discussions, join a classroom or coalition discussion of ideas for change, or help assess your campus climate for political learning and participation. Contact us at [email protected] and let us know how we can help.