Recommended Readings


Items are available online unless otherwise noted.  The list may be updated based on program requests from participating teams.  Please connect with your team before the Institute to review the items on the reading list that are most applicable to your goals. 


High-Impact Practices

What Really Makes a ‘High-Impact’ Practice High Impact? George Kuh and Jillian Kinzie. Inside Higher Ed. May 1, 2018

High-Impact Practices: U.S. Summary Percentages by Student Characteristics. National Survey of Student Engagement. 2018.

Ensuring Quality and Taking High-Impact Practices to Scale. George Kuh and Ken O’Donnell. AAC&U. 2013. (one copy per team mailed to team leader)

Assessing Underserved Students' Engagement in High-Impact Practices. Ashley Finley and Tia McNair. AAC&U. 2013.

Support for High-Impact Practices: A New Tool for Administrators. Adrianna Kezar and Elizabeth Holcombe.  Liberal Education, 103(1) 2017.

High-Impact ePortfolio Practice: A Catalyst for Student, Faculty, and Institutional Learning. Bret Eynon and Laura Gambino. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing, LLC. 2017 (link to purchase)

High Impact Practices Help Students Succeed During Expansion. AAC&U Campus Models and Case Studies 

Designing a High-Impact College for Returning Adult Students Lauren Roy, Liya Escalera, Stephanie Fernandez, Ebru Korbek-Erdogmus, Jennifer Reid, Adam Bush  and John Saltmarsh. Diversity & Democracy, 20(4)

High-Impact Learning for Self and Society: Community-Engaged Signature Work. Ariane Hoy and Kathy Wolfe. Diversity and Democracy, 19(4). 2016

What Meaningful Writing Means for Students. Michele Eodice, Anne Ellen Geller and Neal Learner. Peer Review, 19(1) 2017.

Transparency and Problem-Centered Learning. Peer Review, 18 (1/2).

Professional Development for High-Impact ePortfolio Practice. Bret Eynon and Laura Gambino. Peer Review, 18(3).

Community-Engaged Signature Work: How a High-Impact Practice May Support Student Well-Being. Ashley Finley and Robert Reason. Diversity & Democracy, 19(4).


Student Success

Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Perspectives from Faculty Development. Liberal Education, 103 (3/4).

Building Institutional Capacity for Student Success. Diversity & Democracy, 20 (4)

Becoming a Student Ready College. Tia Brown McNair, Susan Albertine, Michelle Asha Cooper, Nicole McDonald and Thomas Major, Jr. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. 2016. (link to purchase)

Advancing Collaborative Roadmaps for Student Success. Peer Review, 17(4).

Bringing Equity and Quality Learning Together: Institutional Priorities for Tracking and Advancing Underserved Students' Success. Hart Research Associates on behalf of the AAC&U. 2015.

Investing in Success: Cost-Effective Strategies to Increase Student Success. Jane Wellman and Rima Brusi. AAC&U.  2013. (one copy per team mailed to team leader)


Equity & Inclusion

A Vision for Equity. AAC&U. 2018.

Quality, Equity, Democracy: Key Aspirations for Liberal Learning. Liberal Education, 104 (1/4).

Equity and Inclusion: Expanding the Urban Ecosystem. Metropolitan Universities Journal, 29 (1).

>Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence. Peer Review, 19(2).

The Annual Meeting: How Higher Education Can Lead-On Equity, Inclusive Excellence, and Democratic Renewal. Liberal Education, 102 (3).

Making Excellence Inclusive in Challenging Times. Frank Tuitt. Liberal Education, 102(2).

Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation. Liberal Education, 102 (4).

America's Unmet Promise: The Imperative for Equity in Higher Education. Keith Witham, Lindsey E. Malcom-Piqueux, Alicia C. Dowd and Estela Mara Bensimon. AAC&U. 2015

Step Up & Lead for Equity: What Higher Education Can Do to Reverse Our Deepening Divides. AAC&U. 2015.

Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence: A Campus Guide for Self-Study and Planning. AAC&U. 2015.




On Solid Ground. AAC&U. 2017.

We Have a Rubric for That: The VALUE approach to Assesment.Kathryne Drezek McConnell, Erin M. Horan, Bethany Zimmerman, and Terrel L. Rhodes. AAC&U. 2019 (Link to purchase)

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Eportfolios, Assessment, and General Education Transformation. David Hubert. Peer Review, (18) 3.

The VALUE Breakthrough: Getting the Assessment of Student Learning in College Right.  Daniel F. Sullivan.  AAC&U.  2015. (one copy per team mailed to team leader)