Undergraduate Research in Online, Virtual, and Hybrid Courses: Proactive Practices for Distant Students

Edited by Jennifer C. Coleman, Nancy H. Hensel, and William E. Campbell

Undergraduate Research in Online, Virtual, and Hybrid Courses: Proactive Practices for Distant Students

With the growing interest in undergraduate research as a high-impact practice, and the recognition that college education is increasingly moving online, this book – the first to do so – provides a framework, guidance from pioneering practitioners, and a range of examples across disciplines on how to engage remote students in research.

Two foundational chapters set the scene. For those new to incorporating undergraduate research in their courses, the opening chapter provides an introduction to its evolution and practice, and reviews the evidence of its benefits for students, faculty, and institutions. The second addresses the benefit that undergraduate research can bring to online learning and provides an overview of the ways research can be incorporated into online and virtual courses to meet the course and student learning objectives.

The remaining chapters illustrate implementation of undergraduate research in courses across many disciplines. They address thematic issues related to the work and its effects on students, such as transitioning them from users of, to active participants in, research; and consideration of the technological tools needed to support students in a virtual environment. The contributors, some of whom have been implementing these practices for some years, offer important insights and expertise.

While the examples range across the behavioral sciences, business, education, the health professions, the humanities, social sciences, and STEM, readers will find much of value and inspiration from reading the chapters beyond their disciplines.

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  • Date Published: 2022
  • Pages: 300