2022 Conference on Global Learning

Affinity Sessions

Affinity Group Discussion Topics

Thursday, October 13, 2022 /

Alignment with DEI Initiatives and Ethical Engagement in Local and International Experiences

Possible Topics: How to engage ethically with community partners in local, international, and global contexts, how to build sustainable, ethical relationships with community partners, how to develop partnerships for co-facilitation of education with community partners, and how to prepare students for ethical engagement in these contexts.

How to engage with DEI colleagues across your institution, making connections from principles and strategies of DEI to global learning, engaging diverse students, faculty, and staff in global learning experiences, and preparing students to engage with difference in local and international contexts

  • Facilitator: Janett Cordovés

    Director of Higher Education Partnerships, Interfaith America

The Future of Global Learning

Possible Topics: What global learning should look like, what global learning could look like if we think boldly, what types of global learning opportunities students need for work, life, and citizenship, continuing to make the case for global learning for this moment, thoughtful equitable global learning practices, and integration of diversity, equity and inclusion into global learning.

  • Dawn Michele Whitehead

    Facilitator: Dawn Michele Whitehead

    Vice President, Office of Global Citizenship for Campus, Community, and Careers, AAC&U

Global Learning in International Contexts

Possible Topics: How global learning is conceptualized in different countries and communities, how global learning is defined in different institutional and country contexts, how collaboration across institutions and countries can be more collaborative and productive, and strategies for global learning pedagogies and practices across the world.

  • Facilitator: Cynthia Boyer

    Professor, Institut National Universitaire Champollion

Pandemic Burnout: What Does Global Learning Have to Do with it?

Possible Topics: How students, faculty, and staff are addressing burnout, with adolescents, adults, and even elders dealing with stress, how institutions and/or individuals are providing support, the future of stress management in global contexts, and what strategies are being employed to address workload challenges for faculty and staff in the field and student well-being.

  • Cia Verschelden

    Facilitator: Cia Verschelden

    Special Projects Advisor for the Integration of Academic and Student Affairs, AAC&U

The Current Value of Global Learning

Possible Topics: How and why global learning is valued by institutions of higher education, communities, and employers, how to make the case for the value of global learning for multiple constituents, the relevance of global learning today, and strategies for students to demonstrate the value of global learning beyond the classroom.

  • Co-Facilitator: Noel Bezette-Flores

    Chief Student Experience Officer, Associate Dean, San Diego State University

  • Co-Facilitator: Marina Kilmenko

    Lecturer, University of Florida

Trending Topics in Global Learning Today

Possible topics: How we can ensure sustainable international programming, the state of international programming in today’s higher education climate, the current challenges, and opportunities of paid work for international students, and ensuring the intercultural development of programs on campus for domestic and international students

  • Facilitator: Stehpanie Ahlfeldt

    Associate Provost; Professor, Communication Studies, Concordia College