2022 Conference on Global Learning

Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshop

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 /


WS1: Teaching Global Learning to Transgress: Justice and Equity in Diversity and Inclusion Reimagined

To take action to transform global learning we need to understand what it is that we are transforming, why we need to transform it, who will do the transforming, how the impact will be felt, by whom and for how long. As we reimagine higher education from a JEDI lens, global learning educators are reexamining the framing of global learning and international education. This session will provide participants with time and space to explore how the JEDI (Justice and Equity in Diversity and Inclusion) framework can guide this reimagination. Through discussions and activities, participants will have opportunities to develop deepened approaches to cultural and racial equity in global learning from a personal, institutional, program, and/or course perspective.

  • Keshia Abraham

    Keisha Abraham

    President, The Abraham Consulting Agency

Pre-Conference Workshop

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 /


WS2: Leveraging VALUE to Document Global Learning On and Beyond Our Campuses

The VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education) rubrics have become one of the most popular pedagogical and assessment resources in undergraduate education. Released in 2009, the rubrics provided a clear counterexample to the predominant mode of student learning outcomes assessment then—standardized tests. The VALUE approach, which evaluates student mastery of a core set of Essential Learning Outcomes through original academic work produced by students themselves, provided a new lens through which to assess student learning and growth during their postsecondary education. In contrast to standardized tests, using “the work students do in the form of papers, written exams, presentations, and projects” as the unit of analysis for evaluating quality learning. VALUE is arguably best known for its 16 rubrics and has already demonstrated its usefulness for measuring skills such as Critical Thinking, Quantitative Literacy, and Written Communication. But did you know that VALUE also can help you reliably assess outcomes like Global Learning, Civic Engagement, and Intercultural Knowledge and Competence? This session will take a “deep dive” into all of VALUE’s resources, with a specific focus on using the rubrics to assess these important outcomes in order to help document the powerful learning taking place in and beyond our classroom experiences.

  • Jessica Chittum

    Jessica Chittum

    Director of Assessment and Pedagogical Innovation, AAC&U

Pre-Conference Workshop

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 /


WS3: Ways to Link, Develop and Measure Global Learning and Inclusion

Many challenges faced by university graduates around the globe reflect the complex, interdependent world they have inherited. Their lives are impacted by global problems--the pandemic, wars, refugee crises, environmental degradation, fluctuating global economy— and difficult local issues related to diversity. Preparing students to resolve “sticky” problems and succeed in diverse workplaces involves teaching them to value different perspectives, work effectively across differences, and be highly adaptable and creative leaders. We model this in the classroom using experiential learning, leveraging differences and actively promoting inclusion, and aligning global leadership (GL) with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This workshop emphasizes GL and DEI competencies and their measurement, development, and assessment. Based on the positive pre-post research findings on our courses, we will share proven frameworks, best practices, and activities that build students’ capacity to live and work in a globally diverse world.

  • Chris T. Cartwright

    Primary Presenter: Chris T. Cartwright

    Senior Instructor, Portland State University

  • Joyce S. Osland

    Co-Presenter: Joyce S. Osland

    Emeritus Lucas Endowed Professor of Global Leadership and Executive Director of the GL Lab, San Jose State University

  • Allan Bird

    Co-Presenter: Allan Bird

    Senior Professor, Goa Institute of Management