Membership FAQs

My institution is not a current AAC&U member.  Can I join independently?

Everyone regardless of affiliation is encouraged to connect with AAC&U through its conferences and publications.  AAC&U membership, however, is restricted to eligible institutions only.

Please contact Dennis W. Renner, Director for Membership, at (202) 884-7435 or to learn how your institution can join today and how you and others at your institution can take immediate advantage of membership benefits such as reduced meeting registration rates, publication discounts, and enrollment in AAC&U’s Associates Program.


How can I update my personal contact information on file with AAC&U?

You may email your current contact information to AAC&U at  Please remember to include your name, title, institution, complete mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and email address as appropriate.


Why am I not receiving scheduled subscriptions and/or AAC&U emails as an AAC&U Representative?

Lapses may result from incorrect contact data or communication preferences currently on file.  Please contact Renee Gamache, Membership Coordinator, at (202) 884-0809 or to verify and update this information as appropriate.    


Who are the designated AAC&U Representatives for my institution?

You can identify current AAC&U Representatives by visiting the Members List and reviewing your institution’s roster.


When and how can changes be made to AAC&U Representative designations?

The AAC&U Lead Representative at your institution is responsible for managing your institution’s roster of AAC&U Representatives.  To identify your Lead Representative, please visit the Members List and review your institution’s roster.

The AAC&U Lead Representative can update your institution’s AAC&U Representatives at any time by reporting changes to Renee Gamache, Membership Coordinator, at (202) 884-0809 or


When and how are membership dues paid?

Invoices are issued to your institution’s AAC&U Lead Representative in December for the upcoming membership year beginning January 1st.  To identify your Lead Representative, please visit the Members List and review your institution’s roster.

Institutions may remit full payment by check, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX), or electronic funds transfer upon receipt of their December invoice. Institutions whose payments arrive at AAC&U by January 15th of the upcoming membership year are entitled to complimentary enrollments in AAC&U’s Associates Program for individuals within their communities.

Alternately, institutions may pledge to remit full payment by July 1st of the upcoming membership year upon receipt of their December invoice.  This option accommodates institutional budget cycles without interrupting membership benefits.  AAC&U considers a pledge to be binding and a serious financial commitment by the institution.


Can I remit my institution’s dues payment by electronic funds transfer?

Yes.  Membership dues may be paid through electronic funds transfer.  You may obtain relevant data by contacting

Please alert AAC&U of your pending transfer to ensure proper and timely processing.


How can I obtain a copy of AAC&U’s Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (IRS Form W-9) for my institution’s records?

You may download AAC&U’s Taxpayer and Identification Number and Certification (pdf) or contact for a faxed copy.