2018 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success

2018 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success

June 19, 2018 to June 22, 2018
University of Utah
110 S. Fort Douglas Blvd
Salt Lake City, UT 84113

About the Institute

The 2018 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success will help campuses and state systems advance student success by making quality and equity the foundations for excellence in undergraduate education. Teams will work with Institute faculty to articulate guided learning pathways that serve as catalysts to deepen connections between the assets students bring to college and their educational experiences.

Drawing on evidence-based research that demonstrates a positive relationship between student participation in high-impact practices (HIPs) and improved student outcomes, teams will define and develop curricular and cocurricular practices to support student engagement, advance curricular coherence, and generate equitable outcomes. Utilizing the newly established VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergradute Education) Institute, participating teams will define and/or strengthen processes for directly assessing student achievement of learning outcomes as a result of participation in high-impact practices. These processes will help campus and system-level teams set and monitor progress towards equity goals to improve educational outcomes for all students.

Campuses will examine efforts to implement educational change and bring effective practices to scale in a time of limited resources. The Institute program addresses ambitious goals for improving both completion rates and the quality of student learning, and it is highly relevant for institutions at various stages of work.

Institute Goals and Action Plans

The Institute will help campuses, higher education systems, and consortia embed diversity, equity, and educational quality into their missions and everyday practices. Campus teams attending the Institute complete preparatory work to maximize their learning when they arrive. Each team completes an action plan over the course of the Institute. Teams use their time together to discover new approaches and to create and rehearse their plans. The Institute schedule features

  • daily team time to work on action plans;
  • individual team consultations with Institute faculty;
  • plenary sessions, facilitated discussions, interactions with other campus teams, and reflection and skill-building sessions.

For additional information on the Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success, please contact Siah Annand at annand@aacu.org.