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Supporting Open Practices with Teachers in Zambia


Stutchbury, K., Gallastegi, L., & Woodward, C. (2019). Supporting Open Practices with Teachers in Zambia. Journal of Learning for Development, 6(3), 208–227. https://doi.org/10.56059/jl4d.v6i3.367


This paper demonstrates how the features and affordances of open learning have been developed in new and productive ways to provide school-based continuing professional development for teachers in Zambia. It presents and critically reviews data from 200 teachers who have taken part in phase 1 of the Zambian Education School-based Training (ZEST) – a project which, over the next three years, will be scaled-up across Zambia. The project is underpinned by the belief that knowledge about teaching is co-constructed through participation in, and reflection on, practice. Thus, the emphasis is on empowering teachers to work together to develop practices appropriate to their context – open practices. In the study, we describe an on-going process of realist evaluation which enables us to establish at an early stage what works in which contexts and informs on-going project planning. It concludes that this approach to evaluation has the potential to be helpful in understanding open practices and how they can be developed.

Citation Type: Journal Article