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Open Pedagogy Approaches: Faculty, Library, and Student Collaborations


Clifton, A., & Davies Hoffman, K. (Eds.). (2020). Open Pedagogy Approaches: Faculty, Library, and Student Collaborations. Milne Library. https://milnepublishing.geneseo.edu/openpedagogyapproaches/


The term “open” has been heavily used in the past decade or more and can come with multiple interpretations: open access, open source, open textbook, open pedagogy … In general, “open” within these contexts implies unlimited, free, public access with the ability to manipulate and transform the educational content. Within the educational realm, we see even greater nuances of “open” in terms of how the access to and adapted creation work together. Our book aims to shed light on multiple definitions and how they are applied in a variety of learning experiences. Chapters provide case studies of library-teaching faculty collaborations that explore the intersecting roles and desired outcomes that each partner contributes toward student learning in an open environment.

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