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OER Policy Development Tool


Coolidge, A., & DeMarte, D. (2016). OER Policy Development Tool. Lumen Learning. https://policy.lumenlearning.com/


The purpose of the OER Policy Development Tool is to promote the use of OER and scale efforts to full OER programs. It is written primarily for governance officials at public two-year colleges in the U.S. and colleges and universities in Canada. The contents of the policy guide are not intended to be prescriptive; contents are intended to be adapted for use according to a college’s culture. The OER Policy Development Tool is organized into three sections including: OER Policy Assumptions OER Policy Components OER Policy Resources The components of the OER policy section include the following topics that we think decision-makers should consider when developing an institutional OER policy, or when integrating these components into an existing institutional policy: OER Purpose OER Policy Statement Intellectual Property and Licensing OER Content OER Procedures and Responsibilities OER Training and Professional Development OER Course Design OER Content Development Sharing OER Content OER Technical Format OER Sustainability (college-wide capacity, funding model, tenure) OER Quality Assurance

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