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Models for Sustainable Open Educational Resources


Downes, S. (2006). Models for Sustainable Open Educational Resources. National Research Council Canada. https://web-archive.oecd.org/2012-06-15/144857-36781698.pdf


The importance of open educational resources (OERs) has been widely documented and demonstrated recently. From conferences and declarations dedicated to the support of OERs to the development of resource repositories and other services, there has been a general awakening in the learning community. Countering that trend are some of the challenges surrounding the fostering of a network of OERs. If, as Larsen and Vincent-Lancrin (2005) say, "The open sharing of one's educational resources implies that knowledge is made freely available on noncommercial terms," then this raises the question of how such a network is to be sustained. If resource users do not pay for their production and distribution, for example, then how can their production and distribution be maintained? This short essay is about the sustainability of OERs. Most people, when they think of sustainability, think of how resources are paid for, but this essay takes a wider view, for it should be clear that this is only one part of a larger picture. So we will what they are, who creates them, how we pay for this, how we distribute them and how we work with them. Only if we understand the answers to these questions can we address how OERs are to be sustained.

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