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Intellectual asset management for universities


Clare, P., Day, A., Dinham, R., Foord, D., Graham, P., Houlihan, J., Lewis, K., McCaul, B., & Shah, D. (2014). Intellectual asset management for universities. Intellectual Property Office. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/intellectual-asset-management-for-universities


This guide aims to help senior university managers set strategies to make the most of the benefit from the intellectual assets created by their staff and students. ‘Intellectual assets’ is a broad term that varies in definition. In the context of this guide, ‘Intellectual assets’ extends beyond Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the know-how and trade secrets of the staff and students. This guide will help individual institutions adopt their own strategic approach allowing them to use their IP to secure greatest benefit for the economy and society.

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