OER Citations

Different Aspects of the Emerging OER Discipline


Weller, M. (2016). Different Aspects of the Emerging OER Discipline. Revista Educação e Cultura Contemporânea, 13(31), 404–418. https://mestradoedoutoradoestacio.periodicoscientificos.com.br/index.php/reeduc/article/view/2321


The more recent interpretation of open education is related to open education resources (OER), open education practice (OEP), and open access publishing. Although related to the original, distance education based interpretation, there is a distinct community around these areas. The inception of the OER movement can be used as the basis for open education movement, which date sit back to 2001. Although still relatively young, this is a sufficient timeframe for different sub-communities to develop with a range of priorities and interests. Using a content analysis of the OER Knowledge Cloud repository, this presentation will examine the emerging sub-cultures within open education practice. Ten types of research article are identified and these represent different approaches and issues for the groups involved.

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