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Cover of issue with photo of earth as seen from Apollo 17 in 1972. Photo credit: NASA
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New Special Issue

A special issue on the large role colleges and universities have in saving our planet.

Opener spread photo of smoke stack polluting the sky on left and duplicate smoke stack to the right of it with a cork on top (no pollution).
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The campus movement to shun fossil fuels

By Mike De Socio
abstract art of people showing concern about the health of our planet Earth
  • Perspective

Planetary Stewards

The role of liberal education in preparing students to protect the earth

By Katharina Wabnitz and Carlos A. Faerron Guzmán
art of tree atop stack of books with roots of tree traveling down stack
  • President's Note

A Unique Position

Higher education’s role in addressing the wicked problem of global climate change

By Lynn Pasquerella
Earth Day Every Day print design spread using bright colors and modern fonts
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Earth Day, Every Day

How campuses are reducing waste, cutting carbon, and maybe even saving the planet

By Ken Budd