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The VALUE rubrics were developed by teams of faculty experts representing colleges and universities across the United States through a process that examined many existing campus rubrics and related documents for each learning outcome and incorporated additional feedback from faculty. The rubrics articulate fundamental criteria for each learning outcome, with performance descriptors demonstrating progressively more sophisticated levels of attainment. The rubrics are intended for institutional-level use in evaluating and discussing student learning, not for grading. The core expectations articulated in all 16 of the VALUE rubrics can and should be translated into the language of individual campuses, disciplines, and even courses. The utility of the VALUE rubrics is to position learning at all undergraduate levels within a basic framework of expectations such that evidence of learning can by shared nationally through a common dialog and understanding of student success.

The Integrative Learning VALUE Rubric is available for free download in Word and PDF formats.

Integrative Learning VALUE Rubric & ePortfolios

Are you working with ePortfolios? Did you know that the Integrative Learning VALUE Rubric was originally designed with collections of work like ePortfolios specifically in mind? Although this rubric works very well with all types of assignments, this rubric can be a great tool for assessing collections of work like portfolios and ePortfolios.

If you’re assessing undergraduate student ePortfolios and looking for a tool, or at least a place to start, check out the Integrative Learning VALUE Rubric. Use the rubric as is or feel free to modify it—and any other relevant VALUE rubric—to meet the needs of your course, program, and/or institution at large.

Preview the Integrative Learning VALUE Rubric:

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