Re/Designing Democracy

Envisioning a more aspirational democracy that works for everyone

July 30, 2024

We know democracy has never worked for everyone, and national frustration with our political system and cultural divides is causing people to give up. Young people are especially disillusioned and unlikely to engage in the upcoming elections or other democratic practices. When people give up, authoritarian forces can take hold. Let’s stop this from happening by engaging students in discussion and listening to them.

Hosted by AAC&U’s Institute for Democracy and Higher Education (IDHE), this webinar will provide an overview of “Democracy Re/Designed,” a conceptual framework and a set of tools for engaging students—and others—in discussions about the future of democracy. Learn how your campus can get involved and how you can use the tools to facilitate these discussions.


  • Nancy Thomas

    Nancy Thomas

    Senior Advisor to the President for Democracy Initiatives and Executive Director of the Institute for Democracy and Higher Education, AAC&U