Institutional Transformation to Support Contingent Faculty

Learn about successful innovations at two 2022 Delphi Award–winning institutions.

April 5, 2023

This webinar will explore innovative practices and lessons learned from institutional change initiatives aimed at the equitable recognition and support of contingent faculty. Campus leaders from the Dominican University of California and Montgomery College, recipients of the 2022 Delphi Award, will discuss the policies, practices, and programs their institutions have put in place to advance the recognition, status, and participation of contingent faculty. The presenters will address core principles that guide their collective work, implementation challenges, and the transferable lessons that can help support contingent faculty as essential educators on any campus.


  • Carolyn Terry

    Carolyn Terry

    Associate Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Montgomery College
  • Kelly Livernoche

    Kelly Livernoche

    Professor, of Biology Montgomery College
  • Erik Swanson

    Professor of Computer Graphics, Montgomery College
  • Mojgan Behmand

    Mojgan Behmand

    Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, Dominican University of California
  • Lindsey Dean

    Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Dominican University of California
  • Carol Tucker

    Carol Aiono Tucker

    Faculty Affairs and Institutional Research Board Committee Process


  • Ashley Finley

    Ashley Finley

    Vice President for Research and Senior Advisor to the President
  • Adrianna Kezar

    Wilbur Kieffer Endowed Professor and Dean's Professor of Leadership, University of Southern California

About the Delphi Award

The annual Delphi Award, presented by USC’s Pullias Center for Higher Education and AAC&U, gives a $15,000 cash award to two universities annually that support non-tenure-track, contingent and/or adjunct faculty in pursuing strategic priorities such as student learning and community engagement.