Going Beyond the Transcript with LERs

How the Story of Student Learning Will Be Told, Where It Will Be Preserved, and Who Will Own It

May 22, 2024

Students’ preparation for a rapidly changing world and workforce demands new ways of thinking about how knowledge, skills, and abilities are captured and displayed. Traditional transcripts, rendered in course codes, titles, and letter grades, hold little meaning beyond the specific stakeholders of a particular college or university. The official record of a student’s achievements may be nearly indecipherable after a semester, let alone years later. Moreover, transcripts are likely to be viewed as increasingly anachronistic with the emergence of modalities that will enable skills-centered curricula to be more transparent and more empowering for students to own their skills and communicate their achievements. Hosted in collaboration with Territorium, this webinar will engage campus representatives in a discussion of the opportunities and challenges in linking a comprehensive learner record (CLR), a type of learning and employment record (LER), with student learning outcomes, career preparation, and innovations in curricular design.


  • Ashley Finley

    Ashley Finley

    Vice President for Research and Senior Advisor to the President, AAC&U


  • Kelvin Bentley

    Kelvin Bentley

    Program Manager, Texas Credentials for the Future, University of Texas System
  • Keith Look

    Keith Look

    Vice President of Education Solutions, Territorium
  • Joseph Youngblood II

    Joseph Youngblood II

    Senior Vice President for Transformational Learning and External Affairs, Kean University