Data-Activated Strategies to Advance Student Success

This webinar presents findings from Civitas Learning’s 2024 Student Success Impact Report.

July 18, 2024

Higher education leaders must balance deciding where to invest resources while improving student success across a changing student population. Recent research from Civitas Learning evaluated the effectiveness of student success initiatives at colleges and universities and their impact on student persistence. Civitas Learning found that a mix of traditional and emerging practices yields the best results for students and the institutions that serve them.

During this webinar, leaders from the University of Texas at San Antonio and Civitas Learning will share proven and effective practices to support student success as well as benchmarks for evaluating student success initiatives on campus.

This webinar will prepare you to

  • understand benchmarks of effective student success initiatives;
  • identify and implement proactive student success strategies that boost student retention and completion;
  • build repeatable and scalable practices to improve student outcomes on your campus.


  • Gina Chase

    Gina Chase

    Executive Director of Customer Development, Civitas Learning
  • Sarah DeMeo

    Sarah DeMeo

    Data Analyst, Civitas Learning
  • Steve Wilkerson

    Steve Wilkerson

    Associate Vice President and Chief Analytics Officer, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Tammy Wyatt

    Tammy Wyatt

    Vice Provost for Student Success, University of Texas at San Antonio


  • Kathryn Enke

    Kathryn Enke

    Senior Advisor for Leadership, Strategy, and Governance, AAC&U

About Civitas Learning

Civitas Learning helps higher education institutions improve student outcomes through data-activated decision-making and collaboration. Intelligent student success software equips teams with real-time insights and workflow solutions to support the entire student lifecycle, enabling leaders to implement strategies that improve retention and graduation rates and promote the financial health of their institutions.