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Using rubrics in IT: Experiences of assessment and feedback at Deakin University


McKenzie, S., & Wood-Bradley, G. (2014). Using rubrics in IT: Experiences of assessment and feedback at Deakin University. 2014 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering (TALE), 474–479.


This paper explores the use of analytical rubrics as a form of assessment and feedback in Information Technology (IT) Higher Education. Rubrics are a tool for assessment, however, they can also be used to provide a mapping of learning outcomes and graduate attributes within minimum standards to allow students to evidence their skills beyond the assignment criteria. This paper will discuss how rubrics are used in IT at Deakin and present, via a small case study, outcomes from the evaluation of two rubrics used. While the results are not broad, this study demonstrates that rubrics can be useful for students studying IT as they assist with students understanding the alignment of learning outcomes with assessment.

Themes: Conferences, Context, Deakin University, Education, Games, IT, IT higher education, Information technology, Reflection, Standards, analytical rubrics, Assessment, computer science education, educational institutions, feedback, further education, graduate attributes, Higher Education, learning outcome, rubrics, student assessment, student assignment criteria, student skill