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Multi-method longitudinal assessment of transferrable intellectual learning outcomes


Frank, B. M., Kaupp, J. A., Simper, N., & Scott, J. (2015). Multi-method longitudinal assessment of transferrable intellectual learning outcomes. Making Value for Society, 26, 1.


This paper describes the first phase of a four-year longitudinal study of transferable intellectual learning outcomes at a research-intensive university in Canada. These skills, including critical thinking, problem solving, communication and lifelong learning, are the subject of discussion in higher education generally (e.g. the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Essential Learning Outcomes) and engineering in the form of accreditation requirements. The project is using multiple methods to assess the development of these skills in engineering, humanities, physical science, and social science sectors. The first year of the study which involved a double cross-sectional assessment of first and fourth year undergraduate students using standardized tests, meta-rubrics used to score course artefacts, and a learning orientation instrument. Interim results are showing significant development of transferable intellectual skills from first to fourth year, with significant differences between instruments in cost, alignment, and participation rates.

Themes: Longitudinal design, VALUE rubrics, Value Added Models